South Indian Vegetarian Restaurant in Hong Kong

The Sangeetha Veg Restaurant  is a Chain of Signature Indian Restaurants, a group concerns based at Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India. We have an established chain of restaurants operating across 45 branches worldwide with more than 30 units in Chennai and 15 units in Abroad.

Having a proven track record across India, Hong Kong, Middle East and North American countries we are ambitiously driving hard to venture into different venues in various countries transcending boundaries, with future expansion at Sydney, Doha & Canada.

The Secret of Our Success

The ambience and aura we render at our restaurants are sure to leave you a sense of heighten spirits and tastes. We are in constant search of new avenues to establish our brand and we are exploring indigenous cuisines that can be brought into our menu.

Intricacies of Our Cuisines

Hailing from a South Indian background and South India being the cradle of spices since ancient times, our preparations are based on the aroma and flavor of the spices.

Our cuisines are derived from the traditional Udupi & Chettinad style of cooking. All our recipes are authentic Indian recipes and not any less important, is the influence of the Mughal / Chinese cuisine.

Hospitality and feeding others elaborately is regarded as one of the main virtue of Indian customary and our restaurant follow this tradition by serving exquisite North and South Indian meals with several varieties of sweet, rice and servings of vegetable curries decked on banana leaves. Our choice of desserts & bakery products are highly regarded by our customers.

The Best Place for Celebrations

Celebrations bring the entire family together and Sangeetha has established itself as a reliable eatery during functions and get together. Our menus during celebrations are made in accordance with the festive tradition thereby exemplifying the festive mood and fun.

With younger generations choosing more unhealthy food we owe responsible to nurture a healthier generation and hence we introduce daily attractive specialties enriched with pulses, grains and lentils.

Our Pillars of Strength

Highly experienced chefs who are highly motivated, quality products and fresh spices ensure the customers an haute cuisine, a menu sought never pretentious and the solidity of the best Indian culinary tradition.

A refined atmosphere, expert service, hospitality to the guests and the guarantee of a quality kitchen are the key elements that have placed our restaurant among the best.